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Prevention is key when it comes to maintaining good dental health.

At Glazer Family Dentistry, our goal is for our patients to enjoy healthy mouths and smiles for a lifetime, so we recommend you and your family come in twice each year for examinations and cleanings. By coming in to our office regularly, we can stay on top of any potential dental issues. By monitoring your oral health, we can make sure your healthy smile is preserved for years to come.

Dr. Brittaney Glazer looks forward to providing you and your entire family gentle yet effective dental care for you!

Prevention Means Healthy Smiles and Healthy Bodies

A healthy mouth is key as far as keeping your entire body healthy, and routine cleanings and check-ups are an important part of a good wellness plan. During regular cleanings, we will remove plaque and bacteria that cannot be eliminated even with the most careful brushing and flossing. Twice-per-year examinations mean Dr. Glazer can stay up to date on any changes in your oral health as well as check for the early stages of decay and other problems.

Healthy Gums Mean Healthy Mouths

You may not be aware of this, but gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adults. Many people with gum disease don’t even realize they have it. It often presents without any symptoms at all, which is just another reason why it’s so important to see your dentist regularly.

Even if you brush diligently, plaque builds up on teeth. The risk for gum disease begins with plaque, which hardens, then turns into tartar, or calculus, which is impossible to remove without special dental instruments. The tarter contains bacteria, which can infect the gums.

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease, and although there are often no symptoms with it, some people might notice that their gums bleed when they brush and floss. They might also notice their gums are swollen, or perhaps they have noticed persistent bad breath no matter how often they brush. If gingivitis is not treated, gum disease will get worse.

Periodontitis refers to the later stages of gum disease. By the time this develops, the disease is so serious that pockets have formed, which can actually separate the teeth from the gums. The supporting bone structure can also be compromised, and if the infection is not treated, it will get worse. The end result usually is tooth loss.

Regular Check-ups Mean Kids’ Mouths Stay Healthy

Good oral care habits begin at a very young age, so we recommend you bring your children in to Glazer Family Dentistry soon after their first birthday. Dr. Glazer will work hard to ensure your child’s visit to the dentist is a fun, positive experience.

We will help your children learn how to take care of their own teeth with our specialized care. Good brushing and flossing habits that start early will keep their smiles healthy for many years to come.


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