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Who. We. Are.

May 3, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Glazer
Glazer Family Dentistry is a family dentist in Murphy, Texas

Who. We. Are. 

It’s probably one of the more important questions about us, about our office.  “Who are we?” 

We want to take you back to the beginning of our office, to show you the journey about what our vision has always been and why we are so excited to be open and seeing patients in Murphy!   

After looking around North Texas, deciding on Murphy was an obvious choice for many reasons. Murphy (and the surrounding communities) has everything Glazer Family Dentistry stands for: community, family values and life-long relationships.

Where it all began...

See that pile of dirt? We knew from that pile of dirt we wanted our office right there! That eventually became Glazer Family Dentistry. Placing our roots firmly in the soil of Murphy is a decision we couldn't be more proud of. This decision was based on our desire to build an office we would personally want to visit.  By completely designing this space down to the placement of the light switches, we made this office ours. From the beginning we knew patient comfort is paramount to a good experience, and we designed our office with the patient in mind.

Field of Dreams

Patient Centered Experience.

It was always our intention to have an office that was functional yet warm and inviting.  We chose a color scheme that was calming, and designed our treatment rooms around patient comfort. There’s a television in each room so that if you want to watch a movie or your favorite TV show, it’s possible without you ever having to leave your chair.  We offer a range of comforts to make your visit more enjoyable: aroma therapy eye masks, noise cancelling headphones, iPods with playlists available, warm blankets all available complementary. You will actually want to come to the dentist! 


When you come see us, you will see Dr. Glazer, Hayli, Jordan and Clara.  Our emphasis is: One Doctor. One Office. Your Whole Family. And we mean it! Dr. Glazer is the only doctor in the office, so you will see her at each and every visit.  This is also her only office, so this is her priority, the Murphy community is her priority. If you see us at the grocery store, or out to eat, stop by and say hi. We are also an office that sees the entire family, children and adults.  We want to be the only dentist your family sees, making check-ups as easy as possible to schedule. will actually want to come to the dentist!


Locally Owned. 

And as promised, a little about Dr. Glazer!  Dr. Glazer grew up in McAllen, TX.  She went to college and dental school in Memphis, TN.  Knowing she was a Texas girl at heart, as soon as she could after graduation, she moved back to Texas with her husband Timothy.  You may even see Timothy in the office from time to time changing light bulbs. 



Located at 119 North Murphy Road Suite 500, Murphy Texas


We are so excited to be a part of the Murphy community.  We know this area is warm and welcoming, and if you are ever nearby, come in, stay hi and we will show you around!


See you soon, 

Dr. Glazer 


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