Children's Dentistry

If you are a parent, you want the best for your children, particularly when it comes to keeping them healthy.

Since oral health can impact a body’s overall well-being, it’s important to instill good habits in our children when it comes to dental care. Many well-meaning parents are unsure of how to start their kids on the path to oral health from an early age.

That’s where Dr. Brittaney Glazer comes in to the picture.

Glazer Family Dentistry welcomes children into their practice from a very early age. Bring your children in to see Dr. Glazer as soon as they reach their first birthday. Your child will benefit from having the experience of sitting in the dental chair, and you will learn how to care for your child’s teeth right from the start.

Dental Care for New Baby Teeth

Most children will get their first tooth between the ages of six and 12 months. When your baby is teething, his or her gums will be tender and your baby will probably be fussy. For relief from the pain of teething, you can try rubbing sore gums with your clean finger or the back of a chilled spoon. You can also try a cold wet cloth or a teething ring. Teething biscuits are not recommended since they contain sugar—which is not good for teeth at any age.

During this time, it is important that sleeping babies are not allowed to breast or bottle feed as this can contribute to later tooth decay. Infants who need the comfort of a bottle to fall asleep should be given a bottle full of water. Juice or other liquids should never be given to babies to help them sleep because there are sugars in these liquids. The sugar mixes with bacteria in the infant’s mouth, creating acids that will ultimately destroy tooth enamel.

Although children will ultimately lose their primary, or baby, teeth, they need them for chewing food properly until their permanent teeth come in around the age of six. Rather than adopt the attitude that children will “lose their baby teeth anyway,” it’s important to remember that care for these primary teeth can have a big impact both on how the permanent teeth grow in and how they are cared for once they do.

Baby teeth also influence a child’s ability to speak properly, as well act as a guide for the placement of permanent teeth. Children are just as susceptible to plaque, gum problems, and cavities as adults, so it is important your kids see the dentist twice each year for regular checkups.

Bringing Your Child to the Dentist for the First Time

We like to see children for the first time by their first birthday.

The primary reason for this initial appointment is to get to know your child and give them a spin in the dental chair so they can become comfortable with both doctor and staff. Building trust with the dentist from an early age will not only help alleviate any anxiety your child might have, but it also will encourage a healthy, trusting relationship with the dentist from an early age.

When kids come in, we will help them learn how to take care of their own teeth with our specialized care. Good brushing and flossing habits that start early will keep their smiles healthy for many years to come.

Call Glazer Family Dentistry to ensure your children develop a good relationship with the dentist from the start!