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I lost my filling. How do I know if it's an emergency?

If you suspect a filling has come out... don't panic! Call our office and schedule an appointment to prevent further damage to your tooth. Fillings often become loose when decay develops underneath the existing restoration. It is common for older amalgam (silver) fillings to fracture due to their age. Food particles and bacteria can become wedged in between the tooth and filling material and are difficult to clean. Over time, these particles will develop into cavities underneath the filling and further compromise the tooth structure. Unfortunately, these cavities can remain unnoticed as they grow larger until they reach the nerve of the tooth resulting in severe pain and requiring extensive treatment.

If you suspect a filling has come out... don't panic and call our office!

If you lost a filling and experience no symptoms, the tooth is unprotected and may become sensitive to temperature and air. To prevent further damage to the nerve and preserve tooth structure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Glazer to restore the tooth back to health. If you think you might have lost a filling, give our office a call at 214-774-9906.


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