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Teeth Whitening Guide

July 19, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Glazer
We’re excited to offer KöR in-office whitening and trays for our patients!  It’s a simple process with amazing results. Here’s how it works:
1. Schedule an appointment for an exam with Dr. Glazer
2. Take impressions and receive your KöR trays for at home use
3. Use trays consecutively for 12 nights, then schedule a follow up for in- office whitening
4. In-Office whitening is completed during an hour session
5. Your trays are used once weekly to maintain your results
We get asked a lot about sensitivity.  KöR is different for a few reasons.  We prevent sensitivity rather than just attempting to treat the symptoms.  As part of your kit, we give you a solution that you use alongside your bleaching gel.  The desensitizer plugs the openings of the dentinal tubules during the bleaching process preventing sensitivity from the start.    We’ve heard from many patients, that they had no sensitivity during the entire whitening process!
Another unique feature is that the KöR solution is a continuously refrigerated solution.  This makes the gel more stable and more effective.  The bleaching gels are almost 100% as effective as the day they were manufactured because they were made, shipped and stored refrigerated.  This prevents the solution from starting to degrade while it’s being stored in a hot warehouse or transported in a hot truck.  You won’t find pickles or lunch meat in our refrigerator around here, ours is filled with our whitening gel!
Once you’ve whitened at home, and returned to the office for your in-office treatment, the only maintenance you’ll need to do is wear your trays once a week at night.  Once a week… a night… maintenance won’t even interfere with your regular schedule.  This whitening treatment is super easy, super effective, and different than what you’ve done before!
Don’t believe us? Stop by for a brochure, ask some questions and see for yourself!  
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